Every week, just in time for the weekend, we’re going to bring you our suggestions for something to watch over the weekend. I say watch, but it’s anything that will keep you entertained really. Whether that’s watching, listening, or playing. Entertainment’s kind of our thing at Showrunner, so we like to think we know what we’re on about. Anyway, here’s what we think will keep you distracted this weekend…

Mikey’s Suggestion:


I’m not a gamer, never really have been, I didn’t even take to ‘Snake’. Playstation One was my one and only console, and that’s 4 Playstations ago. So it surprises even me that the thing I‘m recommending is a game. I always felt like I couldn’t justify sitting down and spending hours gaming, yet I had no problem watching three seasons of selling sunset, well I did have a problem. I still did it.

INSIDE is a puzzle-platformer adventure game developed and published by Playdead, that last sentence is taken verbatim from wikipedia. I wouldn’t have a clue of the genres, much like I didn’t know there was a thriving Independent game industry producing stunningly art directed, and sound designed games like INSIDE. The basic set-up is you are a boy in a dystopian world trying to escape, something, it doesn’t matter what. You can move forwards, backwards, jump or grab, and you need to use those limited movements to get past whatever obstacles are placed in front of you. I tend to find most computer games over stimulating but this experience was actually quite relaxing. There’s no music, just atmosphere, you can die as much as you like and there’s rarely a ticking clock, it has probably more in common with a complex jigsaw than GTA.
I played it on the Nintendo Switch but it’s available on pretty much every platform including your iPhone

Sam’s Suggestion:

Finding Jack Charlton

It was Saturday night and we were going through the usual rigmarole of deciding what to watch. I had it firmly in my head what I wanted to watch, but I knew that what could be perceived as just a “football documentary” was going to be a hard-sell to my non-football fan wife. So I’ll give you the same sell I gave her, which turned out to be true.

Finding Jack Charlton is more than a football documentary. It’s a piece of history, it’s a piece of Irish culture. I was born in 88, so I don’t really remember the mayhem of 88, 90 and 94 all that well. But I’ve heard all about it and seen it on Reeling in the Years. This goes into the details of it, and shows what a huge impact this man made on our country – in all walks of life from sports to politics.

It’s a fascinating watch that tells the tale of this no-nonsense Englishman who came to Ireland during the 80s recession and Troubles, and won over our hearts entirely. As U2’s Larry Mullen says in the doc, Ireland had never before competed at the world stage, and Jack made us believe we could.

Finding Jack Charlton is nostalgic bliss if you remember the game against Italy, the Ireland team meeting the Pope, or the general calming voice and presence of Paul McGrath. But, if you were only a twinkle in your da’s eye back then, it’s a perfect way to experience another era, and find out all about the man who made us believe, and made us put ‘em under pressure.

However, it is sad to see Charlton in his twilight years, as he suffered from dementia; and to hear about his difficult relationship with brother, Bobby. But all in all, it’s a beautifully shot film, and a lovely reminder of why we were all part of Jackie’s army.


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