Digital Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

By 20/12/2018Digital, Uncategorised

What a year it’s been for digital and tech in 2018! We’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly unfold throughout the year as it continues to shape-shift at a rapid pace. The question on everyone’s lips is what’s next? Will AI takeover, is the influencer dead and is Mark Zuckerberg really human? Check out Verve’s trends to lookout for in 2019.


Places where art and technology come together to fully immerse museum-goers in an unparalleled world. These extraordinary museums with a twist inspire new levels of stimulation and engagement through advanced technology like AR and VR. The example below from Tokyo is a great insight to what’s possible with these temporary digital art installations, and we’re seeing at this model transferring to more permanent spaces for retail and consumer experience in 2019.


Social has become a landscape for product discovery and inspiration, so it’s no wonder these platforms are adjusting their design and offerings in the hope of turning e-commerce into s-commerce. This year we saw Snapchat partner with Amazon for ‘Snap Shopping’, Facebook added AR ads where consumers can virtually try on products and Instagram introduced shoppable ‘Stories’. The image sharing network is also currently testing in-app payment options which could ultimately turn it into a fully fledged e-commerce platform.


The advent of contactless payment and rise of online banking has resulted in fewer people visiting bank branches and withdrawing money from ATMs. Traditional banks are now prioritising user friendly tech to satisfy the consumer need towards the digitalism of money. Even newcomers, Revolut allow for consumers to travel to countries that have foreign currency without withdrawing cash. Brands too will need to adapt to changing habits and ensure paid experiences and transactions are as quick and easy as people have come to expect.


There’s no getting away from the everyday influencers like the Kardashians or the Hadids, but have you heard of virtual influencers? At first glance you might not even realise that you’re looking at a “person” who’s completely computer generated, but profiles like Lil Miquela and Shudu (the world’s first digital supermodel) are fabricated by digital creatives. Brands like Balmain, Prada and Chanel have already begun using these influencers as consumers are readily accepting a new virtual presence in fashion and beauty.


As tech and digital become more intertwined in the daily aspects of people’s lives, consumers are calling out for a change on how information can be consumed and shared.This year we saw weekly scandals about tech brands failing to behave ethically and ‘fake news’ reached its peak with the Cambridge Analytical case. With this backlash we’re beginning to see companies like Apple and Feminist Internet lead towards a more ethical approach and expect more to join in 2019.


In 2018 we saw countless Instagrammable museums and brand pop-up experiences that were all designed to find a place on our Insta feed. In 2019 we’ll see this trend develop on a much larger scale with designers and architects creating interactive and playful monuments in different cities. We’re keeping an eye on artists like Es Devlin for more pieces like ‘Feed The Lion’ and the highly anticipated ‘New York Staircase’ at Hudson Yards by Thomas Heatherwick. These iconic architectural pieces are set to make it onto your ‘must see’ (and snap) list when checking out new places in 2019.